Wednesday, October 7, 2009

twitters & stuff & DC audition

my brother's blog spot is and my bestie/sis tamara cole does not have a blog yet but she has a twitter & myspace
she is amazingly talented and I swear you'll be seeing more of her she tweets alot about acting stuff too.

twitter: <---- moi <------talented sis <---------talented bro

& How awesome is the name samwalnuts my bgf marco came up with it :p

oh yeah before I forget my sis has an audition for the new Disney channel show smart Alec wish her luck :D

First blizzog

Hey! This is my first blog eva so I am so happy to share whats going on in my boring life :P
I'm madly in love with acting and preforming so I will blog alot about it (just warnin ya) I'll give you updates about auditions and future projects that I may work on:) Be sure to check out my bro's blog he talks about the miley cyrus movie we did over the summer so look at that ! I'm with an amazing agency that is the # 1 in the south east (yes I'm bragging ) its called Wilhelmina Evolution
link -----> awesome agency :p